WBC #15 Canada in July of 2019

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WBC #15 Canada in July of 2019

The Organizing Committee has approved the following documents related to accommodation at the World Championships. Please follow the hotlinks to download the relevant pdf.

Feel free to contact [email protected] if there are any questions, or to get on the delegates e-mail list if you are not already on it.

https://www.benchrest.ca/uploads/WBC__15_Accomodation.pdf Official Communication for Accommodation (includes hotels and camping)

https://www.benchrest.ca/uploads/Sheraton_-_15th_World_Benchrest_Champion... Four Points Sheraton Hotel Booking Instructions

https://www.benchrest.ca/uploads/Best_Western_-_15th_World_Benchrest_Cham... Best Western Hotel Booking Instructions

https://www.benchrest.ca/uploads/Aloft_-_Benchrest_Championships_Instruct... Aloft Hotel Booking Instructions

https://www.benchrest.ca/uploads/Windtower_-_brochure.pdf Windtower Hotel Booking Instructions